Roland Zuidema - Organizational developer 


My message: "What you want to achieve is at least one step away from where you are now."

My style: connecting people and approaches, analytical, activating and pragmatic. Has an eye for people and group dynamics.   


Interesting to know:  I worked in three different continents and I speak fluently English, French and a little Swahili. 


I am passionate of my wife, my family, my friends and Africa.


Publication: co-author of a book (in dutch) on leadership and management of educational organizations "Gouden regels voor een sterke school" .



 My profesional challenge is to connect the development of people and their (organizational) environment. It is my mission to create new opportunities in that development. I've gained my professional experience in the international development sector, business consultancy and education. I am used to excercise different roles such as coach, trainer, initiator of mediator. I am focused on achieving valuable results for clients and growth of organizations and it's workers. Fun, challenge and personal leadership are essential for me. 



My  values

Connection:  real development is only possible with vital connections and commitment between the actors involved.  


Reliable: I work in an open and transparant way. I deliver what I promise and I appreciate and stimulate feedback.   


Equality:  I consider clients as my partners. Organizational development is a process of co-creation that optimizes the potential and possibilities within the organization. 


Sustainable:  my focus, together with the client, is on lasting results.